Fix and Speed Up Your PC Automatically

  • Spending too much time with a slow PC? 
  • Worried about security problems?
  • Wonder what you should do to maintain your PC's registry and database?

Our computer manufacturer recommended a solution that we have used now for years with great success and comfort:  System Mechanic.

An award-winning PC optimization suite designed to fix, speed up and maintain PCs so they run like new forever. Currently the #1 best selling PC tune-up product in the US, Canada, UK, France, and the Benelux region according to NPD and similar sources,

System Mechanic® is used by more than 36 million consumers worldwide to keep more than 75 million computers running at peak performance. It is the only tune-up software to include iolo’s industry-first Tune-up Definitions, as well as its patented ActiveCare® automatic maintenance technology. System Mechanic represents a new, smarter approach to PC tune-up.

The engineers at iolo maintain a body of ongoing research knowledge that feeds the regularly updated database known as Tune-up Definitions™. System Mechanic uses this as a blueprint to identify and resolve new PC problems and performance issues.

Tune-up Definitions contain up-to-the-minute intelligence on a variety of performance-tuning components. Currently, the Tune-up Definitions Database comprises four categories

The Program Information Database is a database maintained by iolo Labs with comprehensive information on tens of thousands of program files. It allows System Mechanic to analyze, classify and describe each program installed on your PC, display information on how it impacts system performance and reliability and offer built-in remedies to correct any negative effects on system performance.

The Registry Reliability & Problems Database is maintained by iolo Labs to catalog known registry problems, conflicts and safe remedies, all designed to ensure your PC registry's integrity is safely maintained.

The Security Vulnerabilities Database is maintained by iolo Labs to offer complete knowledge of both past and newly discovered system settings that can put your PC's health at risk.

The Junk Files Database is a database maintained by iolo Labs that is constantly updated with all the newly discovered junk file types.

The next generation of Tune-up Definitions is here
Now the automated, intelligent updates accessed from within the Program Information Database have been redesigned to leverage System Mechanic's new software architecture and better address the new types of slowdown found especially in Windows 10.

As Windows evolves, Tune-up Definitions help System Mechanic keep up, finding increasingly effective new optimizations that dig deep within the operating system to keep your PC supercharged and running smoothly. With the major changes to Windows 10, and the advent of the new modern apps, iolo Labs continuously re-engineers the next generation of Tune-up Definitions.

The highlights include:

Real-time updates
The next generation of the Program Information Database is now capable of continuous, real-time updates that constantly keep pace with today's rapidly evolving apps. The result is the elimination of many more types of computer slowdown.

Prevents more bloatware at startup
System Mechanic's re-architected Startup Optimizer feature utilizes these next-gen Tune-up Definitions to help significantly speed up boot time by discovering whole new categories of unneeded startup items, while also providing more user control over dangerous and unnecessary ones.

Windows users can reap the full speed and stability benefits of these new Tune-up Definitions in System Mechanic Pro.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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Better solution than Basecamp?

It's so easy to become frustrated...

Outsourcing has become required in today's Internet, but managing workers can be a PAIN!

Often the tools to help you outsource are either too complicated to use or just plain expensive (usually both).

Using email gets confusing and complicated, especially when you need to outsource more to new workers. (This solution actually slows down your business growth.)

Spreadsheets are just the same, it's too easy for them to "explode" into an a total mess of rows and columns.

You could use online project management applications...

But the best ones have an extortionate monthly fee which ties you into them too closely. And usually come with a huge user manual that makes War And Peace look like a quick read :)

Well, meet OutVeo...


It seems to be the IDEAL solution.

It promises made to make outsourcing easy. and gives you only the tools you need to get the job done.

There's nothing complicated about it at all...

You install it on your website (it's is as easy as installing WordPress)...

Then choose your username and password.

You set up an assignment by including text and videoinstructions.

You add a checklist that your outsourced workers follow (this tracks the progress of all your projects).

Finally, you invite your outsourced worker into their own staff members of OutVeo area where they then pick up and work on your projects. Simple.

It's  intuitive to use and if you ever get stuck you can check out the tutorial videos, search the knowledegbase or just send in a support ticket.

OutVeo is designed just for solo entrepreneures or anyone working by themselves who needs to outsource quickly and efficiently.

The only real downside for some users may be that OutVeo doesn't have multiple levels of access privilages, like so many other (more complicated) project management apps.
Instead it works like this...

There's just a single login page for you where you can oversee and control all the details of your projects.

Then there's another login page for each of your outsourced workers where they can go and pick up their projects.

I give OutVeo my highest recommendation because it really does make outsourcing easy.

You can pick it up here...


The icing on the cake is you also get these bonuses...

* A link building assignment (just upload it into OutVeo)
* Where to find great outsourced workers and how to hire them
* Ad templates you can copy and paste to help you recruite
  all the outsourced workers you need.

The ready made link building assignment is a real time saver and works like gangbusters at getting your sites more traffic.

OutVeo gives you a complete outsourcing solution.
(and for many it could be a much better solution than Basecamp ;)

Go check it out.

Here's what Internet Lifestyle Mentor, Terry Dean said...
"Outsourcing is how you break from the dollars for hours trap.
Outveo is how you outsource simply, easily, and quickly."

Fiverr - Another Way to Use It

Fiverr is a micro-services marketplace where you can hire people to do a project for just $5.

But there is another way that Fiverr can be valuable to the online business owner.  Click here to see.